Moving to Staten Island Provides Proximity to NYC with Laid Back Lifestyle

Of all of the US cities, New York City is by far the most populated; with over 8 million residents. The number of job options naturally follows the high head count of the area. One can also discover endless ways to keep entertained during free time on nights and weekends. If you are willing to start a new life in the Big Apple, make your move and relocate.

How can you take advantage of New York City opportunities without the congested living space? You may want to establish new roots in Staten Island, one of quietest of the NYC boroughs. The borough of Staten Island lies South of Manhattan and West of Brooklyn across the Bay. If you want to take a job in Manhattan, your Staten island home would only be about 20-30 miles away. If your career path is taking you to Northern New Jersey, your daily commute will also be manageable.

About the same distance away is JFK Airport, so the first leg of your long distance travels is nearby. If spending time outside is your thing, travel away from Staten Island will not be a concern. Parkland by the thousands of acres is always minutes away for your daily and weekend enjoyment. Many leisurely activities can be done in the parks, like running, golfing, fishing and ice skating.

North Shore, South Shore, West Shore, East Shore and Mid-Island are the five regions of Staten Island. The dozens of communities contained within these regions are rich with their own character and history. If you prefer being near Staten Island’s main attractions, consider the heavier populated North Shore. Population density is even lower if you choose to live in either of the East or South Shore sections. If shore side living is not your thing, research the Mid-Island communities for establishing residency.

Do you see yourself living in a freestanding house instead of an apartment or condominium? Stick-build homes are the dominant type of residential dwelling structures on Staten Island. There are many Staten Island moving companies that can help you relocate if you are ready to make Staten Island your new home.