Moving Services

You have investing much time, money and memories into acquiring the items within your household. You want to make sure the moving experience treats these items with the respect they deserve. So, when investigating potential moving companies, make sure they provide the level of services that you need, so you can focus on the task of settling in to your new home.

Moving Services

There are many things that a moving company can do to make the moving experience less stressful and provide additional protection for your belongings:

  • Shrink Wrapping of Upholstered Furniture
  • Blanket Padding for Large, Delicate Items
  • Full Service Packing & Unpacking of Belongings
  • Take Apart & Re-assemble Deluxe Bed Frames
  • Boxing, Wrapping, Padding of High-End Electronics
  • Bubble Wrap for Delicate & Sensitive Items

Storage Services

In some cases, your new dwelling may not be ready for occupancy when you need to move. Expiring leases, real estate closings, school start/end dates, or military transfers do not always work together to contribute to a seamless move. In cases such as these, you may need to to place your items into short-term storage. If storage is an issue, then you should make sure that your moving company has warehouse space to accommodate your things, and vaulted wood storage to keep your smaller belongings secure.