Moving to Pittsburgh Offers Jobs, Culture and Sports

Do you want to live in the Mid-Atlantic United States, but not too near the Eastern seaboard? Are you looking to reside in a metro area that has job opportunities, but a low cost of living? Do you enjoy living in an area that offers you a chance to indulge in a variety of cultural activities? Are you a sports fan that likes to attend all types of sporting events, like football, baseball and hockey? If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to consider moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Located in Western PA, Pittsburgh is technically part of the East Coast, but is near Midwestern Ohio. This means that many of the residents of the Pittsburgh area maintain a Midwestern value system. At over two and a half million residents, the Pittsburgh area is the 20th largest metro areas in the U.S. This population density means there are many opportunities to make a decent living for yourself. Read a little further and you just might want to start researching Pittsburgh moving companies to help you relocate.

Pittsburgh has long been known as a city for manufacturing, particularly the steel industry. While the steel industry has contracted from its glory days, there are still plenty of job opportunities. The area is home to dozens of colleges and universities, including top school Carnegie Mellon University. Top tech firms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Nokia and IBM also create many local tech jobs. There are also several Fortune 500 companies and top law firms with global headquarters in Pittsburgh.

If you like the skyline views created by skyscrapers you’re in luck if you decide to move to Pittsburgh. Downtown Pittsburgh (the Golden Triangle), contains a mix of 30 commercial & residential skyscrapers. In downtown Pittsburgh you will also find the Cultural District containing art galleries and museums. Sports fans can take in regular games for the Steelers (football), Pirates (baseball) & Penguins (hockey). So, there is much for your eyes to see during your free time on the nights and weekends in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh also has very diverse European demographic base, adding to the cultural mix of the city.