Move to Topeka for a Career in Government and Midwestern Values

Have you always wanted to live in an environment that provides support to your fellow man? Do you enjoy all seasons of the year; and want to live in an area with a traditional value system? Consider a relocation to Topeka Kansas to get these things incorporated into your lifestyle. Being simpatico with people in your immediate area is a necessity for a successful career in politics. If you value traditional ways of thinking about life, you might have a shot at a Topeka political career. If you are successful in your quest for office, there are Topeka moving companies that can help get to the area.

Even if you don’t care to be on the front lines of politics, there are other government jobs in Topeka. Since it is the state capital, there are many agencies that are always looking for support personnel. Don’t forget that as a decent sized city, Topeka itself has many government positions to fill too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that government supplies 1 out of 4 jobs in Topeka. You can research these job opportunities on multiple websites to find one that you would like. The Kansas State website is and Topeka’s official site is

If you don’t consider yourself the type to work in government at all, there is always the private sector. Government agencies mean legal issues; creating many opportunities for those who want a law career. There are also numerous opportunities in the finance field at banks, insurance and investment advisors.

There are a variety of professional services that provide careers to over 10,000 of local residents. Where there are large groups of people there are needs for healthcare professionals and support staff. Local grade schools and universities are also looking for people to help shape the minds of area children. In fact, outside of government, healthcare and education institutions are the area’s largest employers.

There are also other types of companies that offer numerous jobs to people who live in the region. Payless Shoes, Goodyear Tire and Frito Lay are some of the more notable companies in the area. Energy companies and communications utilities (i.e. AT&T, Cox Communications, Westar Energy) are also large employers.