Moving to Arizona Offers Job Opportunities and Quality Desert Living

Are you getting tired of winters and humid summers and long for a drier, warmer climate? Does living in a scenic environment of beautiful desert views and wildlife appeal to you? Are you drawn to sunny days and would thrive in an environment with constant sunshine? Would you like a life balance of nature’s beauty and the conveniences of urban living? If you were giving positive responses to these questions, think about moving to Arizona.

The climate of Arizona makes it home to numerous species of cacti and desert wild life. You can experience much of desert life by living in the states largest city – Phoenix. Phoenix is known as the “Valley of the Sun”, due to its location in the Salt River Valley. The nick-name is well-earned, as Phoenix is the sunniest city in the entire world. It is sunny about 300 days of the year, with 100 of those days getting above 100 degrees.

The Botanical Gardens and Phoenix Zoo are good options for spending time in the sun. Mountain Park (the largest municipal park in the USA) is another option for outdoor fun. You can also plan weekend trips by heading north to the Grand Canyon National Park. There are also many ways to take in the fine arts during your free time in Phoenix. Ballet Arizona, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Arizona Opera are all options for fun. Entertainment can also be found at the multiple music venues and museums in the area.

Before shopping for Phoenix movers for the relocation, you may be inclined to find work. Luckily the Phoenix area has numerous job options for people of many career paths. Republic Services, Avnet, PetSmart and Freeport-McMoRan are Fortune 500 firms that have jobs. Many more thousands are also employed by Apollo Group, Intel, Best Western and U-HAUL. Top employers are also offering jobs in the nearby cities of Tempe and Scottsdale. Honeywell, Arizona State University and State Farm are top companies in Tempe. CVS Health, Mayo Clinic and Honor Health are top employers in the city of Scottsdale.

If you prefer a more laid back environment with milder weather, consider Tucson. The weather is milder in Tucson due to its higher elevation when compared to Phoenix. Summer days are still hot (100+ degrees), but evenings and the winter months are cooler. You will also have nice views, as Tucson is surrounded by five different mountain ranges.

Regardless of your lifestyle preference, you can find a suburban, rural or urban option. Central Tucson is bicycle-friendly, so you can easily ride your bike throughout town. County clubs, golf courses and resorts are numerous in Tucson for residents to enjoy. Staying in touch with nature is fairly easy by accessing the nearby Saguaro National Park.

These reasons, as well as job opportunities should get you thinking about Tucson movers. With an area population of around a million people, Tucson is definitely not a small town.

As the second largest city in Arizona, Tucson also offers many job opportunities for residents. Top employers for Tucson include Davis-Monthan Air Force base and the University of Arizona. If you are into aerospace, you can consider options at Honeywell, Bombardier and Raytheon Missile Systems. Tech giants IBM, Texas Instruments and Intuit also have a big presence in the area.

Given the reasons above, it is not hard to see why many decide to call Arizona home. Arizona is calling – are you ready to take the next steps in planning your relocation there?