Moving to Arizona Offers Job Opportunities and Quality Desert Living

Are you getting tired of winters and humid summers and long for a drier, warmer climate? Does living in a scenic environment of beautiful desert views and wildlife appeal to you? Are you drawn to sunny days and would thrive in an environment with constant sunshine? Would you like a life balance of nature’s beauty and the conveniences of urban living? If you were giving positive responses to these questions, think about moving to Arizona.

The climate of Arizona makes it home to numerous species of cacti and desert wild life. You can experience much of desert life by living in the states largest city – Phoenix. Phoenix is known as the “Valley of the Sun”, due to its location in the Salt River Valley. The nick-name is well-earned, as Phoenix is the sunniest city in the entire world. It is sunny about 300 days of the year, with 100 of those days getting above 100 degrees.

The Botanical Gardens and Phoenix Zoo are good options for spending time in the sun. Mountain Park (the largest municipal park in the USA) is another option for outdoor fun. You can also plan weekend trips by heading north to the Grand Canyon National Park. There are also many ways to take in the fine arts during your free time in Phoenix. Ballet Arizona, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Arizona Opera are all options for fun. Entertainment can also be found at the multiple music venues and museums in the area.

Before shopping for Phoenix movers for the relocation, you may be inclined to find work. Luckily the Phoenix area has numerous job options for people of many career paths. Republic Services, Avnet, PetSmart and Freeport-McMoRan are Fortune 500 firms that have jobs. Many more thousands are also employed by Apollo Group, Intel, Best Western and U-HAUL. Top employers are also offering jobs in the nearby cities of Tempe and Scottsdale. Honeywell, Arizona State University and State Farm are top companies in Tempe. CVS Health, Mayo Clinic and Honor Health are top employers in the city of Scottsdale.

If you prefer a more laid back environment with milder weather, consider Tucson. The weather is milder in Tucson due to its higher elevation when compared to Phoenix. Summer days are still hot (100+ degrees), but evenings and the winter months are cooler. You will also have nice views, as Tucson is surrounded by five different mountain ranges.

Regardless of your lifestyle preference, you can find a suburban, rural or urban option. Central Tucson is bicycle-friendly, so you can easily ride your bike throughout town. County clubs, golf courses and resorts are numerous in Tucson for residents to enjoy. Staying in touch with nature is fairly easy by accessing the nearby Saguaro National Park.

These reasons, as well as job opportunities should get you thinking about Tucson movers. With an area population of around a million people, Tucson is definitely not a small town.

As the second largest city in Arizona, Tucson also offers many job opportunities for residents. Top employers for Tucson include Davis-Monthan Air Force base and the University of Arizona. If you are into aerospace, you can consider options at Honeywell, Bombardier and Raytheon Missile Systems. Tech giants IBM, Texas Instruments and Intuit also have a big presence in the area.

Given the reasons above, it is not hard to see why many decide to call Arizona home. Arizona is calling – are you ready to take the next steps in planning your relocation there?

Spanish Culture, Jobs and Activities can be Found by Moving to El Paso

Would you like to live in the United States, but has much to offer in the way of Spanish culture? Can you be a productive member of the Western Hemisphere’s biggest bilingual labor force? Does working for one of nation’s Fortune 500 companies sound like a good step for your career? Are you a patriotic American that would like to live near world class military facilities? Do you want to be involved in law enforcement that helps protect United States citizens? If you answered yes to at least a couple of these questions, you may want to move to El Paso.

The Spanish influence of El Paso is due large in part to its location on the U.S. / Mexico border. It shares the border with its sister city Ciudad Juarez (one of the largest cities in Mexico). Being far away from Texas’ largest cities, El Paso’s Spanish influence comes as little surprise. Displays of Spanish architecture can be found throughout many of the city’s many neighborhoods. Hispanic culture and heritage can also be found in recurring festivals like Fiesta de las Flores. Regarding the Spanish language, the Census Bureau says it’s spoken by 70% of the population.

Many companies have locations in El Paso to capitalize on this pool of Spanish speaking people. Thousands of residents work in call centers utilizing their ability to speak English and Spanish. Publically traded Western Refining, Helen of Troy Limited and El Paso Electric are based there. A variety of Fortune 500 firms have also chosen to have many regional offices in El Paso. El Paso also has a couple dozen of the top 500 Hispanic owned companies in the United States. Job seekers can also find many career opportunities in law enforcement in the El Paso area. These federal agencies include the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Border Patrol. The U.S. military and defense industry offer numerous employment opportunities in El Paso. El Paso is home to Biggs Army Airfield, Fort Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Tens of thousands of El Paso area residents owe their living to these defense industry organizations. The job opportunities alone may be enough to get you looking for El Paso movers to help you relocate.

Once your work week in El Paso is over, you will also be able to keep yourself entertained. There are many festivals held there every year for the residents who enjoy a variety of music. The Neon Desert Music Festival, Sun City Music Festival and Downtown Street Festival are some examples. If you enjoy the performing arts, you can partake in the El Paso Ballet and Symphony Orchestra. There are also gardens, museums and performing arts theaters for public consumption.

If you prefer to be outdoors in you spare time, you can take advantage of many nature activities. Nine state parks, including close by Franklin Mountains State Park are accessible by a car drive. Rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking are some of the common activities at this state park. For a weekend trip you can go to Gila National Forest for 3.3 million acres of hills, mountains and range land. You can also head down to Big Bend National Park for day hikes, bicycling and river trips.

If the points presented above have piqued your interest, start researching your relocation options. If you decide to relocate, hiring professional El Paso movers can help do the heavy lifting required.

Moving to Pittsburgh Offers Jobs, Culture and Sports

Do you want to live in the Mid-Atlantic United States, but not too near the Eastern seaboard? Are you looking to reside in a metro area that has job opportunities, but a low cost of living? Do you enjoy living in an area that offers you a chance to indulge in a variety of cultural activities? Are you a sports fan that likes to attend all types of sporting events, like football, baseball and hockey? If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to consider moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Located in Western PA, Pittsburgh is technically part of the East Coast, but is near Midwestern Ohio. This means that many of the residents of the Pittsburgh area maintain a Midwestern value system. At over two and a half million residents, the Pittsburgh area is the 20th largest metro areas in the U.S. This population density means there are many opportunities to make a decent living for yourself. Read a little further and you just might want to start researching Pittsburgh moving companies to help you relocate.

Pittsburgh has long been known as a city for manufacturing, particularly the steel industry. While the steel industry has contracted from its glory days, there are still plenty of job opportunities. The area is home to dozens of colleges and universities, including top school Carnegie Mellon University. Top tech firms like Google, Apple, Facebook, Nokia and IBM also create many local tech jobs. There are also several Fortune 500 companies and top law firms with global headquarters in Pittsburgh.

If you like the skyline views created by skyscrapers you’re in luck if you decide to move to Pittsburgh. Downtown Pittsburgh (the Golden Triangle), contains a mix of 30 commercial & residential skyscrapers. In downtown Pittsburgh you will also find the Cultural District containing art galleries and museums. Sports fans can take in regular games for the Steelers (football), Pirates (baseball) & Penguins (hockey). So, there is much for your eyes to see during your free time on the nights and weekends in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh also has very diverse European demographic base, adding to the cultural mix of the city.

Move to the S.F. Bay Area for Tech Employment and Lifestyle Change

Do you enjoy living in an area that has much to offer in the way of cultural experiences? Are you dreaming of a career where you work for one of the biggest names in the technology industry? Do you want to live in a part of the country that has cool summers and very mild winters? Do you have a more laid-back personality and want to be around people that share your views? If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to consider moving to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The city of San Francisco has much to offer its residents in the way of cultural living experiences. It has embraced alternative lifestyles for many decades and is a proponent of personal freedoms. While the city does offer many attractions for visitors, San Francisco also offers much for residents. The nearby wine country is regularly enjoyed by tourists and residents alike in Sonoma and Napa. The eclectic mix of neighborhoods provides a plethora of dining and entertainment options.

The mild Bay Area temperatures are a welcome change for those used to very hot and/or cold climates. The average low temperature in the winter months of December-February is in the mid-to-upper forties. The summer months of June-August have average high temperatures of the mid-to-upper sixties. These temperatures allow for year-round outdoor activities – like hiking, biking, hang gliding and surfing.

Culture and mild weather are pretty good reasons to make you move to the San Francisco Bay Area. However, let us not forget the employment opportunities offered by the technology industry. Many of the top technology companies are located within a relatively short drive from San Francisco. Google, Yahoo!, Oracle, Intel and Apple are some of the most well-known tech companies in the area. However, there are hundreds of other technology companies that also offer lucrative job opportunities.

If you would seriously like to relocate to the Bay Area, there are relocation companies that can help. A quick Internet search can help get you started on finding someone to help. Before you put your things on a moving truck to Northern California, you need to research housing first. Housing can be expensive in the San Francisco Bay area, so you need to research what you can afford. The City of San Jose publishes information on rental and housing costs for San Jose and Santa Clara counties. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission publishes housing and economic data for the Bay Area.

Move to Topeka for a Career in Government and Midwestern Values

Have you always wanted to live in an environment that provides support to your fellow man? Do you enjoy all seasons of the year; and want to live in an area with a traditional value system? Consider a relocation to Topeka Kansas to get these things incorporated into your lifestyle. Being simpatico with people in your immediate area is a necessity for a successful career in politics. If you value traditional ways of thinking about life, you might have a shot at a Topeka political career. If you are successful in your quest for office, there are Topeka moving companies that can help get to the area.

Even if you don’t care to be on the front lines of politics, there are other government jobs in Topeka. Since it is the state capital, there are many agencies that are always looking for support personnel. Don’t forget that as a decent sized city, Topeka itself has many government positions to fill too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that government supplies 1 out of 4 jobs in Topeka. You can research these job opportunities on multiple websites to find one that you would like. The Kansas State website is and Topeka’s official site is

If you don’t consider yourself the type to work in government at all, there is always the private sector. Government agencies mean legal issues; creating many opportunities for those who want a law career. There are also numerous opportunities in the finance field at banks, insurance and investment advisors.

There are a variety of professional services that provide careers to over 10,000 of local residents. Where there are large groups of people there are needs for healthcare professionals and support staff. Local grade schools and universities are also looking for people to help shape the minds of area children. In fact, outside of government, healthcare and education institutions are the area’s largest employers.

There are also other types of companies that offer numerous jobs to people who live in the region. Payless Shoes, Goodyear Tire and Frito Lay are some of the more notable companies in the area. Energy companies and communications utilities (i.e. AT&T, Cox Communications, Westar Energy) are also large employers.

Moving to Staten Island Provides Proximity to NYC with Laid Back Lifestyle

Of all of the US cities, New York City is by far the most populated; with over 8 million residents. The number of job options naturally follows the high head count of the area. One can also discover endless ways to keep entertained during free time on nights and weekends. If you are willing to start a new life in the Big Apple, make your move and relocate.

How can you take advantage of New York City opportunities without the congested living space? You may want to establish new roots in Staten Island, one of quietest of the NYC boroughs. The borough of Staten Island lies South of Manhattan and West of Brooklyn across the Bay. If you want to take a job in Manhattan, your Staten island home would only be about 20-30 miles away. If your career path is taking you to Northern New Jersey, your daily commute will also be manageable.

About the same distance away is JFK Airport, so the first leg of your long distance travels is nearby. If spending time outside is your thing, travel away from Staten Island will not be a concern. Parkland by the thousands of acres is always minutes away for your daily and weekend enjoyment. Many leisurely activities can be done in the parks, like running, golfing, fishing and ice skating.

North Shore, South Shore, West Shore, East Shore and Mid-Island are the five regions of Staten Island. The dozens of communities contained within these regions are rich with their own character and history. If you prefer being near Staten Island’s main attractions, consider the heavier populated North Shore. Population density is even lower if you choose to live in either of the East or South Shore sections. If shore side living is not your thing, research the Mid-Island communities for establishing residency.

Do you see yourself living in a freestanding house instead of an apartment or condominium? Stick-build homes are the dominant type of residential dwelling structures on Staten Island. There are many Staten Island moving companies that can help you relocate if you are ready to make Staten Island your new home.

Outdoor and Freedom Lovers Consider Moving to New Hampshire

For being one of the smallest states in the U.S., New Hampshire has a lot to offer its residents. This U.S. state insists on having the first say in who it thinks should be our newly elected leaders. There is a law in New Hampshire that says they will have the very first state presidential primary. However, the insistence of NH to hold the first state primary is not a sign of their love for big government. Many it’s inhabitants make reference to and conduct their lives on the “Live Free or Die” state motto. “Liberty in Our Lifetime” is the goal of the Free State Project initiative to get 20,000 new NH residents.

Strong political viewpoints are not the only thing that can prompt someone to relocate to the state. When it comes to money, the state enjoys state income/ sales tax free living and a high median income. If you are looking to broaden your mind with higher education, attend NH colleges and universities. Such options include Univ. of New Hampshire, Southern NH University & Ivy League Dartmouth College.

If you enjoy sporting activities, you can partake in the outdoors during all seasons of the year. Lovers of skiing & snowboarding can enjoy the largest mountain on the East Coast – Mount Washington. In the warmer months you can partake in the beach life by spending your days at Hampton Beach. If you really enjoy water sports, you can find all types of things to do in the many lakes and rivers. You can also pay regular visits to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway if you feel the need for speed.

If you are looking for gainful employment, consider the more populated Southern New Hampshire area. The state capital Concord and the cities of Manchester and Nashua (1st & 2nd largest) are good options. Boston, which is a little bit longer of a commute, also holds many employment opportunities for people. If you prefer the quiet lifestyle of living in a small town, there are many communities to pick from. If you want to find some professionals to help you relocate to New Hampshire, they are but an Internet search away.