Long Distance Moving Companies

If you are moving down the street or to a nearby town, you may consider moving household items yourself. If you rent a moving truck by the hour and can get a couple of friends to help with the lifting, moving close to home can be performed with a few relatively quick trips. But what if you are moving across the state or country? It can be difficult to find people willing to assist for that long of a trip. This is where long distance moving companies can be helpful.

Long distance movers will load your belongings into their moving truck, drive to a new location anywhere in the country, and unload your items at their new home. Long distance moving companies charge for their services differently than local movers.

Long Distance Moves Charged by Weight

Before a moving company loads your things into their truck, they will perform an in-home estimate. A moving company representative will come to your home and talk to you in detail about what items you need to have relocated. They will take an inventory of everything you want to have moved. All items will be entered into a worksheet or computer device, which will be used as a reference to determine the total weight of all items you will be moving. The total weight of your items (and the distance they need to travel) will be multiplied by the moving company’s tariff rate to determine what your total moving costs will be.

This fee will cover transportation costs (i.e. fuel, driver wages), and wages of the labor involved to load your items into the truck, and unload them at their destination. Moving companies offer additional moving services, which may come at an extra charge. The most common chore involved with moving is packing of items into boxes. If you do not wish to handle this task yourself, you may want to consider the moving and packing services offered by movers.