Commercial Moving Companies

Whether you are the owner of a small to mid-size business, or the person charged with completing the relocation of a corporate office, you will need to research commercial moving companies when it comes time to move to a new location. Many moving companies focus on relocating households, and may not be equipped to handle your relocation needs – so it is best to ask about their capabilities up-front.

Depending on your needs, be sure to confirm their capabilities:

  • Able to move office furniture and filing cabinets
  • Capable of moving fine art and sculptures from entry / waiting areas
  • Know how to move computers and office electronics
  • Staff is trained to take apart and re-assemble modular office furniture
  • Understand requirements for moving medical equipment and laboratory items
  • Have the equipment and trailers to move large industrial equipment
  • Have experience with moving inventory from warehouse facilities

Due to the amount you have invested in your business, and the need to keep downtime at a minimum, it is important that you ensure you are dealing with a reputable commercial moving company. Consult with your business peers or professionals in your networking groups regarding their experiences with moving companies. Also ask potential providers for business references. As a business professional you understand the importance of acting professional. A good rule of thumb is to limit potential providers to companies that share your level of professionalism and business etiquette.